• Docker swarm / compose
  • Kubernetes (k8s)
  • OpenShift (productized k8s) / OKD
  • Nomad
  • Mesos
  • Rancher

Setup: Simple setup, when Docker engine is installed

Scaling: Scale up or down commands (no auto-scaling?)

Blue green deployments:

  • Installer: kubespray, kops, kubeadm
  • Mini-dev-dist:
    • minikube (uses vms, needs hypervisor)
    • microk8s (snap)

Resource manager: Pool resources of data center, expose API for Frameworks with scheduling and job management logic.

Architecture: Zookeeper dependency

Frameworks on top: Aurora, Marathon

General purpose: virtualized, containerized and standalone apps

Simpler architecture: Client and server binaries

Composing with Consul (service discovery) and Vault (secret management)

Scale: > 10.000 nodes (stated by HashiCorp)

Locations: multi-datacenter, multi-region

Requirements: RHEL, CoreOS, CentOS

Enhanced security: No root containers, RBAC, integration with AD

Additional components: Internal container registry, EFK logging stack, Prometheus Monitoring, Jenkins

Templates: No Helm

Ingress: Router instead of Ingress

K8s distribution

Simplification of Kubernetes deployment / management

Service meshs

  • Istio
  • Consul (also Service discovery)
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