Scalable language

  • No primitive types, everything is an object
  • No semicolon
  • Object is a singleton
  • Methods can be defined private or protected. If no modifer is given, method is public.
  • No static methods

Hello World

object HelloWorld {
  def main(args: Array[String]) {
    println("Hello, world!")

if/else-Constructs have a return value

for loop

for (i <- 1 to 10) println(i)
// different steps
for (i <- 4 to (17,3)) println(i)
// other data types than int
for (s <- myList) println(s)
// multiple generators
for (i <- 0 to 2; j <- 3 to 4) println(i+" "+j)
// filter
    for {i <- 1 to 6         
         j <- 1 to 6
         if (i % 2 == 0)
         if (j % 2 != 0)} println(i+" "+j)
// yield
    val list: List[Int] = List(1,2,3,4)
    val result = for (i <- list) yield i * 2


Implizites break

val iValue = 3
iValue match{
  case 1 => println("one")
  case _ => println("empty")

There are no static methods/vars in scala and singleton objects can't be constructed using a constructor with new.

object ScalaObject {
  val b = 5
  def test(a: Double) : Double = {
    3.* + b 

Prerequisite: object and class have the same name and are defined in the same file. Companion objects can access their private variables. Singleton objects without companion clases are standalone objects.

  • Use a factory method for construction
  • All passed parameters are a val-variable of the class
  • Can be used for pattern matching
  • Implement toString, hashCode, equals and have a copy method
case class Person (firstName : String, lastName : String, age : Int){
  def isAdult : Boolean = if (age >= 18) true else false

Scala doesn't support multiple inheritance.

class B(arg:Int) extends A {}

Functions can be overridden with overide before func definition.

Overridding classes, functions or variables can be forbidden with prefix final.

Abstract classes

Difference to Traits: Abstract classes can have constructors. A class which inherits from an abstract class can't inherit from another.

The usage of override is optional.

Packages object

Objects which are visible in a whole package.

==-Operator checks equality (identity in Java) eq-Operator checks identity

eq and ne are only defined for clases of type scala.AnyRef.